Hey Ya'll! Come and dance with me, it's so much fun. :)

A song will be chosen and each person will tape themselves boogie'ing down (whether it be in your house, on vacation, in a wheelchair, using only your hands, wearing a mask to cover your identity, in a group, everyone's dance style is welcome...)

Send in your uploaded dance video link to the email in my profile, or add it to the comments section. Then I can put it on DANCE OFF, yay!

Friday, November 19, 2010

#2 Michael Jackson

This week we are all going to Dance Off to our favorite Michael Jackson songs!
Go here to youtube's official Michael Jackson channel to sample his musical career.

Pick one song by Michael Jackson (moon walking is not required) and get recording...
you have one week from today to upload and send in your video link.

Can't wait to see your M.J. dance videos!



MJ Week -Dance Off from Leslie Richard on Vimeo.

IF ya wanna be startin' somethin', then send in ya videos! Don't be shy ;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

great tune for dancing! your brave!
Hope you get some more people to join you! and great movve by the cat!

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