Hey Ya'll! Come and dance with me, it's so much fun. :)

A song will be chosen and each person will tape themselves boogie'ing down (whether it be in your house, on vacation, in a wheelchair, using only your hands, wearing a mask to cover your identity, in a group, everyone's dance style is welcome...)

Send in your uploaded dance video link to the email in my profile, or add it to the comments section. Then I can put it on DANCE OFF, yay!

Friday, November 26, 2010

#3 Get Busy

Hey Ya'll! Our third song on Dance Off is a request, which of course Ballans Balatra hardly had to twist my arm to put this up here.
#3 is Get Busy by Sean Paul!
Here is one we can pop, bounce and crunk to!
So get recording ya silly dancing fools, I know ya wanna break free!
You have one week from today to send it in... (i will still put up late vids though for previous Dance Off songs if ya send them in!)
BY: Militia

BY: Ballans Balatra

Send in your videos Bee-otches!


Ballans said...

Awesome!!! You're incorporating some of the video moves. You and those chicks gots the crazy gumby legs; that shit is not supposed to bend that way, lol. Amazing! I couldn't manage it.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

I wanted to try it out. Although i didn't see them ladies poppin on a fridge!! ha ha
I want gumby legs like they have, and a bigger ass so I can do the New Orleans BOUNCE.

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