Hey Ya'll! Come and dance with me, it's so much fun. :)

A song will be chosen and each person will tape themselves boogie'ing down (whether it be in your house, on vacation, in a wheelchair, using only your hands, wearing a mask to cover your identity, in a group, everyone's dance style is welcome...)

Send in your uploaded dance video link to the email in my profile, or add it to the comments section. Then I can put it on DANCE OFF, yay!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

#5 Under Pressure

Release some pressure with Dance Off song #5, David Bowie ft Queen's "Under Pressure" !!!
(Side note::: looking at that pic, do you think they ever made out?)
Send in your dance videos within one week from the date of this post!!!


dance off #5 - pressure relief from Militia Chick on Vimeo.


Ballans said...

HOly Shit! I love you. You are awesome.

Anonymous said...

very enjoyable! i was boogying just this weekend gone at a local hippy rave gig, man i was cool as lol, no vid though, you'll just have to believe me :D no camcorder either otherwise i'd join in, honest!

Антон Коркин said...

gosh1 это чума.

Upload your dance videos here...